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I'm Back!

So I keep saying that I want to be a blogger, I've been saying this for well over a decade now. Sometimes I write a post or two, and then, crickets. I've aspired to blog about all sorts of different things at different points, my really exciting sex life, weight loss journeys, burlesque, inspirational stuff, wherever I was at any given point of time I wanted to blog about it. Sometimes I started, never did I stick it out.

So here I am, starting again. I'm writing this just to check "write something, anything" off the box. This is totally stream of conscious, there's no plan, I'm just literally taking the first step.

I'm excited though, I have a new (old) job that should be blogging friendly, provided I can get a new laptop and my life is semi boring but also in flux, so hopefully I'll have interesting things to write about.

I should have a client walking in the door any minute now, so I'll be back at some point later in the week.