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Just another Tuesday Afternoon

I just had the most hilarious afternoon adventure. I was scheduled to meet with one of my HS history teachers at 1:00, for lunch. She indicated that she had to attend a funeral in the morning and might be late, so when I arrived at 1:02, I glanced around the restaurant, but didn't look hard for her. After 20 minutes of goofing off on my phone, I text her and of course she's on the other side of the restaurant. She had a situation come up and now the plan is that we'll take our food to go and we reschedule for next Tuesday.

In the course of learning about how Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret has taken over my life and about my new girlfriend, my teacher decided she better take a month to absorb my lifestyle before we meet up again. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: ... So I'm going to watch my brother's baby for two weeks.

Teacher: You love children. When are you going to get married and have a baby?

Me: I'm dating a woman, so even after we get married...

Teacher: You're dating a woman? How did that happen? .... What does your mother think?...

She was seemed to take the news in a stride until she told me she needed more than a couple days of processing time.

I leave the restaurant and mail a friend a long overdue copy of the #CCBC calendar. The Chocolate City Burlesque & Cabaret logo is on the envelope. The postal clerk, also an older woman is tickled. Like giddy/giggly, she's simultaneously intrigued and embarrassed. I tell her that I'll bring her stickers and flyers, she says not to, but continues to talk about how much shimmying we must do. And how she can't do it, because she has to be comfortable. "What's more comfortable than being naked?" I ask. Her immediate response, "Having clothes on." I'll be dropping off those stickers  and flyers soon.